After Hours Drop Off & Towing Options

Need AAA Towing to AutoXtend? Need to drop your car off when we’re closed? No problem. Just look for the key drop, clearly marked and located on the service door entrance. Fill out the form on the key drop envelope, place your key in the envelope and drop it in the slot. Your key will be in a secure area until we arrive. You’ll even find a ballpoint pen so you can fill out the envelope.
Out of Town?

We've Got you Covered!

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s great knowing you have a plan should something happen to your car while you’re away from home. Traveling customers with any problems related to repairs performed by AutoXtend are covered nationwide under our “Certified Auto Repair Program.”

If you’re over 50 miles from AutoXtend and a problem arises, call 800-457-0019. You will be directed to the nearest approved service center where you’ll receive the same warranty coverage for our repair as we offer here at AutoXtend. This is a free service to our customers that covers work we have performed.

More Than 50 Miles From AutoXtend?

When more than 50 miles from AutoXtend our customers can call
to be directed to an approved service facility.

Need emergency towing? Call one of the towing options listed below and ask them to take you to AutoXtend. Give the tow truck driver your contact information that he will get to us. Then call us the following business day to provide additional vehicle information so we can start working on the problem. We’ll add the towing charge to your bill when you pick up your car after it’s repaired. See the list below for AAA Towing to AutoXtend.

AAA Tow Call Center865-637-1910
AG Karnes865-689-3628
Ogles Towing865-525-6472
Sutherland Avenue Wrecker Service865-525-0597
Fountain City Wrecker Service865-688-2292
Clinton Highway Wrecker Service865-945-7009
Owen Classic Carriage & Transport865-688-6743
Parker’s Wrecker & Towing Service865-207-6616
Lowe’s Garage & Towing, Inc.865-525-4982
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