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Scott Lane’s Approach to Auto Service: Focus on the Customer.

Scott Lane and his AutoXtend team know what it takes to “Extend the Life of Everything You Drive. “

“I have over 30 years experience working in auto care and repair,” Scott said. “I see to it that our team has the training and tools to repair and service vehicles, but just as important to me is the total customer experience.”

Scott Lane

fact sheetCustomers benefit from AutoXtend’s expertise, equipment and state-of-the-art facility. “We created AutoXtend to be a convenient and affordable alternative to the car dealer,” Scott said. “We have the diagnostic equipment and factory-trained personnel that give you dealer-level service. All of this in a convenient location with customer-friendly hours.”

AutoXtend is the new way to care for today’s vehicles and the people who drive them. Here’s a brief description of the AutoXtend team members who want to be your Complete Car Care Solution.

  • Customer Service Advisor – Our problem solver who’ll greet you and respond to your individual car care needs.
  • Vehicle Service Advisor – Our problem solver who examines your vehicle’s particular needs.
  • Team Leader – Our problem solver who assesses and directs the repair of your vehicle
  • Technician – Our problem solver who is certified and trained to repair your vehicle. (As you can see, your technician will have plenty of help to make sure the appropriate repair is done correctly.)
State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment