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What’s Wrong With my Car?

ASE auto repair diagnostics: Most service and repairs for a modern vehicle start with a look at the vehicle’s onboard computer to examine the electronic systems that determine how the vehicle performs. When problems arise with your car, SUV, mini-van or light truck, you need trained and certified technicians with specialized diagnostic equipment to find out what is not working

Surprise: You don’t need to go to the dealer.

At AutoXtend, we are staffed and equipped to keep your vehicle running at its best. We have the diagnostic tools for all the major brands- foreign and domestic. You enjoy the convenience of the AutoXtend Community Car Care Center with none of the dealer hassles.

  • Check engine light on? Bring it to AutoXtend.
  • Noticed a decrease in fuel economy? Our diagnostic equipment will evaluate your vehicle’s performance.
  • Something just not right with the way it’s running? We have the technology necessary to find the problem.

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